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5 Condiments That Provide Amazing Boosts To Keto Diets

Keto is one of the most popular diet trends in the world, and for good reason. Whether you already participate, or are still considering, you may be wondering if your favorite condiments are keto-friendly. To help make that easier for you, we’ve put together lists of 5 condiments that fit perfectly in line with your diet plans. Check them out below!

1. Hot Sauce

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There are very few condiments that pack as much flavor into every drop as a good hot sauce. Not only can the right hot sauce be carb free, but this spicy pepper punch can add many vitamins and minerals to your diet. Components in hot peppers promote a healthy heart and work as a powerful antioxidant. Have no fear, your meal will never go bland with a generous drizzle of your favorite hot sauce while you stay in line with your keto health kick. 

2. Mayo


Mayonnaise anyone? Yes, please! This creamy delight is an American classic that is perfect as a keto condiment. Eggs are the staple ingredient that make mayo an excellent source of healthy fats.

Find a brand that uses pasture-raised eggs for higher levels of omega-3 and beta-carotene. Omega-3 helps reduce blood pressure and beta-carotene works as an antioxidant to cleanse your system. Avoid highly refined oils and sugars and you are in the clear. For added benefits you can add a bit of avocado oil, or find a brand that already includes it.

3. Cream Cheese

cream cheese

Calling all cream cheese lovers! This one is a huge yes in the keto community. This sweet treat is low in net carbs and high in clean fats. As a bonus, the dairy provides healthy amounts of vitamin A and B2 that boost your immune system and give you energy. Go organic for the gold! Choosing organic helps remove artificial preservatives and synthetic pesticides from your cream cheese, making for a cleaner, more wholesome treat.

4. Garlic Aioli

garlic aioli

Garlic Aioli is a must-have in the kitchen and in your keto diet. When made with fresh and natural ingredients, this flavorful spread can jazz up your meal and keep you on track with your health goals. It is rich in fats and can be made carb free so it won’t hike up your net carb consumption for the day. Steer clear of any highly refined oils and added sugars, and you and your garlic aioli are a perfect match. 

5. Guacamole


Guacamole makes keto dieting all worth while. Your love for this dip is here to stay. Did you know that a half cup serving of guacamole has 18 grams of total fats and only 12 grams of carbs? Jam packed with healthy fats that promote weight loss and decrease inflammation, you are filling your body with both nutritious and healthy content. 

Bottom Line

Enjoying the food you eat while on a diet is crucial to maintaining the motivation to stick with it. Try these condiments out with your next meal, and hopefully you will be inspired to hone your diet plan even further.

Remember, knowing is half the battle. Stay healthy and happy hunting!

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