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Our Island Roots

We are thrilled that you made the choice to stick around and read about our incredible and flavorful sauces. Tropic Sauces hails from the 166 sq mi island of Barbados where spices and flavor are a must.

Our sauces are made with quality, all-natural ingredients, and of course lots of love and excitement in picturing the pleasure on your face. This is not just any pepper sauce. It has so many fresh ingredients that you can taste a full meal in every spoonful.

It’s versatile, delicious, and packed full of flavor. Habanero, Fresno and Thai chili peppers with the tropical taste of mango and papaya will take you to the tropics without catching a flight.

Try any one of our three flagship sauces and we guarantee that you will never be disappointed. We also provide seasoning mixes and health and wellness blends to make your day to day life healthy and enjoyable.

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